Structured Staffing Solutions To Help You Discover Top-Quality Talent

Why Should You Opt For Staffing Services?

Today’s business environment is extremely competitive. For expansion, businesses use both organic and inorganic techniques. You must constantly seek out growth prospects and strategize to seize whatever share of the market you can. This entails being prepared to deliver on time when the market needs your goods or services. To meet your staffing demands on the go, choose OSIPL’s reliable staffing services. We have tested solutions to suit your requirements, from hiring to training to deploying personnel when and where you need them.

What Makes OSIPL The Best Staffing Partner?

Qualified Talent Pool
Our candidates are vetted through comprehensive procedures of screening, skill assessment, experience, and qualifications so that they seamlessly blend into your teams right away.
Comprehensive Service Offerings
We benefit companies searching for a project or contract support, filling specialist positions, and sustaining spikes in work volume due to calendar demands.
Proven Talent Placement
We have a proven track record of reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency for our clients by placing the right talent at the right place.

General Staffing Services

Due to business uncertainty and varying industry demands, our general staffing services address the manpower problems posed by scaling up and down operations, allowing you to bring in extra resources as needed and release them once the task is completed. In both the Industrial and Office settings, we have been matching people with general capabilities to the demands of our clients.

You can be confident that our recruitment process is efficient and responsive, and that we offer flexible, tailor-made solutions for both temporary and permanent deployment. We cultivate long-term relationships with talents by providing them with continuity through placements, training, and career advancement. We assist our clients in developing long-term employment plans and securing the most qualified workers to address their specific needs.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Businesses can find and recruit the best talent faster using OSIPL’s best-in-class RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) solutions. In unpredictable times, your company’s success is dependent on your ability to attract, retain, and manage the proper employees. Is your organization’s talent acquisition programme prepared to deal with unexpected occurrences, shifting objectives, or sudden changes? Compliance, scalability, affordability, quality, and other recruiting concerns are all addressed by our services for professional and non-professional employment.

Our RPO solutions streamline the talent acquisition process by considerably boosting the number of quality recruits while lowering hiring costs and shortening the time it takes to fill a position. For every phase of the hiring process, our industry-leading recruitment process outsourcing solutions focus on methodology, tangible results, and flexible solutions.

Permanent IT Staffing Services

By integrating cutting-edge recruitment technology with decades of staffing experience, we specialise in providing organisations with talented employees on a permanent basis, sourcing highly-skilled people who are the ideal fit for your open positions. For over eighteen years, we’ve been successfully augmenting teams with in-demand IT talents across a wide range of industries for the Fortune-500 companies and SMBs.

You will be able to shrink your hiring process and get highly talented individuals with less risk by utilising our specialised team of consultations. We extensively vet applicants for you to avoid employing someone who is untrained or will not fit in with your company’s culture, which saves you money on costly hiring mistakes.


Temporary IT Staffing Services

Why struggle with short-term IT talent demands when our staffing services can offer you convenience by delivering IT specialists whenever you need them to fulfil your short- or long-term requirements? We manage all of the time-consuming and costly recruitment tasks, such as background checks, screening, scheduling, and more.

We provide you with the flexibility to expand your staff’s capabilities without hiring them full-time, as well as support overworked personnel at critical periods, allowing you to fulfil your targets. We implement a customised temporary staffing solution plan that meets your needs exactly, and our comprehensive temporary workforce sourcing and management infrastructure can provide you with the best applicants to suit your needs.

Our Process

Understanding Client’s Expectations

Understanding the client - you - is the first stage in our procedure. We'll take the time to learn about your organisation, the long- and short-term goals, culture, and history and acquire a better grasp of the tasks and responsibilities of the ideal employee you're looking for.

Personalised Recruitment Plan

After we have gathered all of the necessary information, we create a custom recruiting strategy that is unique to your business. To broaden our search, we also employ strategic alliances, personal networks, and contacts at civic and professional organisations to find top-notch talent.

Shortlisting And Verification

After we have narrowed down a few candidates, we conduct personalized interviews to begin the shortlisting process. The best talents will possess both the hard and soft skills required for the position which are thoroughly tested by industry experts to bring in the finest talents.

Final Employment Offer

We will also assist you with the collection of the signed offer letter, managing negotiations, and securing the final job offer. We also have a continuous follow-up process in which we work with both you and the candidate to ensure that the onboarding process runs smoothly.

Staffing Solutions To Optimise The Quality Of Your Output

OSIPL’s Staffing Services can swiftly connect you with the global talent you need to keep your business moving forward, whether you have a vacancy that requires a specialised skill set, needs reinforcement during an employee absence or needs to augment your team for a limited time. It’s time to cut hiring costs, expedite business processes, and increase employee quality by obtaining access to a larger pool of qualified candidates.