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Why Does Your Business Require Permanent IT Staffing Service?

An organisation is only as strong as its employees. Employees are the heart and soul of any successful business. Finding the right permanent staff, on the other hand, is no easy job. Since the company and the employee have a long-term relationship, you just cannot afford to perform the task of recruiting staff half-heartedly. The question is whether you have all of the resources necessary to identify the ideal candidate on your own, or would you rather require the help of industry specialists of permanent staffing solutions?

A well-known permanent placement services provider like OSIPL, can be your trusted partner from start to finish with permanent staffing services. We acquire people with deep domain knowledge across all IT disciplines, with a strong focus on key industry vertical trends and emergent technologies.

Benefits At A Glance

Before you bite the bullet, have a look at undeniable benefits of permanent staffing. You just cannot say a ‘NO’ to these amazing benefits that come with our Permanent IT Staffing Solutions.

Faster Hiring Process
We will find the best match for the open position at your company at the right time. Project delays can occur if time is spent seeking a suitable applicant. A well-connected permanent IT staff recruiter, such as OSIPL, can help your company by quickly finding the best talent for the job within the budget and timeframe you specify.
Fully-Verified Professionals
We have access to a pool of individuals that a typical company's job listings simply do not reach. Passive job seekers, peer referrals, candidates from outside the typical geographic area, and a wide range of other candidates are all included in this access. In addition, we conduct comprehensive technical assessments on behalf of our client company, saving its time, money, and administrative effort.
Save Resources
It takes a lot of time to hire permanent staff. We will handle time-consuming and tedious tasks such as sifting through stacks of applicants, interviewing candidates, conducting reference checks, and henceforth. For these responsibilities, professional staffing agencies like ours have a dedicated team of professionals. You can save money and time by not having to build up a specialised hiring department in your organisation.
We take full responsibility and ownership of the complete hiring process We are always ready to go above and beyond the rudimentary activities that are required for value-adding recruitment. With OSPIL, you will find a reputed and trustworthy partner throughout the process, from recruiting to guaranteeing a seamless onboarding process and, most importantly, increasing value and retention.

Fast & Easy Staffing Solutions For Various IT Disciplines

OSIPL offers the best permanent IT personnel for your following permanent IT job positions.

Application Architecture

We can assist you with Intelligent application architects that are in charge of overseeing the design and development of software applications. They interact with internal stakeholders and application development teams on application design, execute and monitor application development phases, and document application development processes.

Help Desk & Service Desk Support

Get access to the qualified help desk and service desk support staff that will serve as the first point of contact for your customers who seek quality technical assistance over the phone or email, perform remote troubleshooting, and find the appropriate solution depending on the issue and facts presented by clients.

Network Administrator

We can help you hire expert network administrators who can maintain a reliable, secure and efficient data communications network, and is capable of fully supporting, configuring, maintaining and updating corporate customer's networks and in house servers and installing and integrating new server hardware and applications.

Database Administrator

We can offer qualified administrators who can help assure the performance, integrity and security of a database, and will be involved in the planning and development of the database, as well as in troubleshooting any issues reported by the users to make sure data remains consistent across the database.

IT Support Management

Get access to a skilled IT support manager who will be involved in installing and configuring computer systems, resolving the technical faults in software and hardware, and resolving the issue personally by direct contact with the customers for any technical assistance required by them.

Hardware Deployment, & Installation

We can offer skilled candidates that are capable of providing support and maintaining in-house technology equipment and IT assets. This includes installing, configuring, diagnosing, repairing, and upgrading all hardware and equipment while ensuring its optimal performance.

The Finest Talents With Quick Turn-Around Time

OSIPL’s team ensures that we provide our clients with the finest candidates at every level, with a quick turnaround time. When you are up to your knees with applications from candidates who don’t meet the specifications of your business, it means you’re wasting time, money, and effort. That is exactly when we come to rescue you.

The primary objective of our service to our clients is delivering the right candidate whenever your company requires it. We don’t depend on current databases or online sources to find new recruits; instead, we count on our own vast network of connections, which has grown over the years and is topped up by continuing segment-specific research.


We're not just looking to fill a vacancy to help your business become more productive. Rather, we ensure that the talent you hire matches your team's culture, meets a real need, and contributes to your company's value.
Hire Fast
We will spot the ideal candidate for the available job at your organisation at the right time without you having to spend energy on finding and filtering candidates. Delays in work completion can occur if a lot of time is wasted by you on the tedious process of looking for the right candidate.
Ideal Candidates
We give you a huge pool of professionals and industry experts that have been extensively recruited and rigorously tested to best meet your needs. Passive job seekers, peer referrals, candidates from outside the typical geographic area, and a wide range of other candidates are all included in this access.
Save Resources
We provide tailored solutions that combine the human touch with cutting-edge technology to save costs, manage risks, and increase the overall efficiency of your business operations. We will handle time-consuming and tedious tasks such as sifting through stacks of applicants, interviewing candidates, conducting reference checks, and more.

Staffing Solutions To Optimise The Quality Of Your Output

Contact our company today to discuss your organisation’s workforce requirements. We’d love to have the opportunity to demonstrate to you why we’re one of the greatest permanent staffing agencies in the industry at assisting businesses in growing through quality workers.